MINI Cooper Countryman Sun Shades

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When you have to leave your car parked outside during the hot summer months, the heat inside the cabin can start to build up and even exceed the outdoor temperature. It can become uncomfortable to get inside your vehicle after a long day and have to wait a long time for it to cool down. This is where a sun shade can make a difference. Sun shades are great accessories that work to reflect the sun's rays away from your car. They are placed over the windshield of your Mini Cooper Countryman and help shield your vehicle. This can help reduce the temperature of your car's interior and make it more comfortable to return to once it's been parked somewhere for a period of time. A sun shade will also help to protect the interior of your vehicle from damage that can occur from direct sunlight. The dashboard of your vehicle can start to wear out or fade after being exposed. Other interior accessories like electronics can wear out sooner the more they have to deal with heat and sunlight. Sun shades are easy to use and store away when you don't need to use them. When you're looking to get a sun shade for your Countryman, make sure you get a high quality one that will fit the measurements of your window. Get the sun shade that offers the best protection for your car type here at Mini of Kennesaw.
Windsheild Uv Sun Shade
Part Number: 82-11-0-049-791
Other Names: Sunshade F60 519038 More Names
Description: Foldable, custom screen that helps keep the cockpit cooler and protect interior surfaces from the suns rays. All sunshades come with a... More Info
  • Mini:
    • Cooper Countryman
MSRP $65.00
MSRP $65.00

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